Open Source Haven Heaven

Information for all. And to all a website.

Everything on this website is open-source, accessible, and shareable so the community can improve ideas over time. Variations and modifications are encouraged.

Make. Remake.

Don’t know how something works? Need instructions? I’m excited to share my years of research with you, ranging from part numbers to polarity diagrams.

With documentation to ignite your curiosity and information collated to assuage your confusion, this website has been curated for new and experienced makers alike.


Hone your skills. Earn a sense of accomplishment. Save some dough.

Everything that I make, you can make, too. Visit the Learn section if you’re a DIY person, or visit the Shop if you want me to make one of my products for you.

Modus Open-randi

Before launching this website in June 2024, I kept my product information to myself. After years of making things, suppressing information—such as PCB models, CAD designs and vendors I used—left me feeling empty. If I had already found it, I thought, why should I own that knowledge? Information protectionism had run its course on me.

I want to reciprocate and give back to the community of peers who helped me. I want to share. I want to help. I want to show others how they can become creators in their own right and learn new skills in doing so.

It’s time for you to get out there and make your own… LOL.