Learn Share

Open-source CAD designs, bills of materials and reference documents are here waiting for you. If you find a better way to do it, tell everyone else!

DevOps for the Brain

Like you—and every other human—I didn’t always know how to do what I do. Soldering? Taught by an AC friend. CAD design? Online tutorials and lots of prototypes. The neuroplasticity of the brain is a magical thing.

I hope that, by sharing foundational knowledge—even something as simple as my workshop setup—we can all learn more, together.

Better Because of You

Feedback for a traditional product is one-sided: The customer gives it, but the company may not find it profitable, or the company may just not find it beneficial for the larger target market. Traditional manufacturing also requires lead times, special tooling and lots of prep.

Make It Yours

As a maker, you start to see fresh possibilities: Code branches, design forks and just general improvements that are only possible with a community of contributors. You may even find a more economical vendor for a specific hardware component.

If you fabricate or assemble a product I’ve devised and want to sell it… you can! Just be sure to share any of your software or hardware modifications under the same license.

Welcome to open source, where learning is the primary catalyst.