The Big Ideas

Many of my creations are smaller, one-off items or ideas that, together, make a significant difference once you start using them over time. There are, however, a few larger “projects” that have taken me a bit more effort to launch, maintain and improve over time. You can find a brief overview of each project below, and each project has a dedicated page with more information about it.

Sometimes it feels like I have too many projects going at once for one person. Maybe that’s because it’s true. Nevertheless, hopefully this page gives you a sense of some of the major initiatives currently on my plate—to which you can (and should) also contribute!


Wireless camera control using NanoPi and OpenWrt

TeeHee launched in 2023 as a product under I was tired of using plastic pocket routers made by companies to get thrown in a backpack for a business trip—not to be mounted to a cinema camera and undergo the abuses of set life. Thus, I sought out and found a NanoPi that was compact, offered Gigabit Ethernet ports (2.5G, actually) and was easily converted to an industrial design more apt for camera department’s requirements.

In 2024, TeeHee went open source, meaning anybody can build their own, update the configuration profiles for everybody else to see and even modify the chassis design. It has always and will always run OpenWrt, meaning its software capabilities are not only insanely robust, but also extremely customizable for many applications, even beyond camera control.

You can see more project details here.

Open Source Ring Collection (OSRC)

Finally: Pre-marked rings you can 3D print that look good, to boot

As much as I’m sure we all love marking, say, iris rings during a prep, I decided to go out on a limb and try something new. Originally devised in 2019, I actually shelved this project because multicolor 3D printing in 2019 was not only a challenge, but was very far from being mainstream. While it’s still not a standard feature on the majority of printers, with the Bambu products lines making multicolor prints more accessible and reliable for the masses, I figured it was time to re-open this project.

What I actually dreamt about in 2019 was having a library of rings available. With the data stored digitally, I would then be able to hit a button, print an entire set of rings based on the lenses being used, and not waste valuable time during my prep. Since I have now gone open source with my offerings, it made perfect sense to revisit this concept because everybody can (and should) contribute so we have as many lenses mapped as possible for different control hardware as well as different lenses.

You can check out the full project page here.


TeeHee + Spudnik meet their maker(s)

Since both TeeHee and Spudnik use off-the-shelf PCB’s, there’s no reason they can’t be used in tandem. Potat-HA literally places each of the two aforementioned PCB’s into a single enclosure. Combining traditional 2.4/5GHZ WiFi bands alongside HaLow sub-1GHz, Potat-HA is the film industry’s first triband access point that offers such a wide frequency spectrum in a single hardware package.

With native USB ports, instant pairing for sub-1GHz and a full OpenWrt interface, Potat-HA enables all sorts of workflows for AC’s and DIT’s that were previously inelegant at best—or impossible altogether.

You can check out the full project page here.