Shareable by Design

Open source was an idea originally made popular by software development, but I am adopting the concept for sharing everything I have created, from documentation to tools. It’s time to push ourselves to learn more efficiently, and that starts by sharing what we already know and continuing to share what we discover.

License Details

There are two primary licenses being used for everything that I create and share on

GNU General Public License v3.0

This license applies to all software I write, e.g. OpenSCAD code or Google Sheets formulas.

This is a copyleft license, “which means that any derivative work must be distributed under the same or equivalent license terms.”

Full Terms

Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0

This license applies to all other “creative” information I share, which traditionally falls under copyright by default. This information includes any CAD or creative design files, writing (including documentation and copywriting for this website) and images or graphics to which I own the rights.

Aligned with copyleft software policy, this creative sharing license allows you to rework and even sell things I have provided, but “if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.”

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You may see other open-source licenses on products I use. Examples include OpenWrt and OpenSCAD, which are both licensed under GNU GPLv2. Even WordPress and WooCommerce, used for my website, are open source! I like to support open-source solutions and their backers whenever possible.

Join the Open Source Movement

If you have works you would like to share under similar terms to mine, you may find licensing a whole topic to research on its own.

For open-source software licensing, you may want to start at, or you can peruse the full list of standardized software licenses in the Appendix.

For open-source copyright licensing, you may want to start at the Creative Commons (CC) License Chooser, or you can read About CC Licenses.

Open Source FAQ

Open source is a noun, and open-source is an adjective. In general, the open source community creates original bodies of work, made by either an individual or collective, that are shareable according to a specific set of conditions, which are outlined by a specific open-source license.

In the context of, I have created a body of work that you can use as a launch pad. You can download source files, whether they are code or creative designs, and use them not only for yourself, but even to make your own versions of everything I’ve created over the years—as long as you share any modifications you make with the community where it originated, per my license terms.

If you want to make additional units on your own, now you can! Besides that, the store, your warranty and everything else stays in place just like it’s always been, albeit with a new interface.

Thanks for being a loyal customer!

This website launched in June 2024. It took several months to prepare all files and documentation in a way that satisfied me, but it was worth the frontend time investment to achieve streamlined and organized resource access.

As I mention on the Welcome page, I had grown tired of keeping information bottled up after running a private store for many years. I wanted to get others engaged and excited about making things. I’ve always enjoyed learning and teaching, and I was allured by the principles that undergird open source communities.

My genuine hope is that you utilize my informational groundwork to learn and enhance your own skills and, therefore, make your own. So maybe you won’t need to buy anything from my shop at all.

One major “feature” you do get from anything purchased on my store (besides clearance items) is a warranty. I stand behind my products and the reason I charge what I charge is because I will repair or otherwise replace any defective product within one year from its purchase date. (Please see full warranty for details.) When you purchase from me, the designer of the product, you can rest assured my physical hardware will hold up to the rigors of real-world use. I have your back and have been refining my retail customer service skills since 2007.

On top of the warranty, for those who may be busy, aren’t interested in learning every required skill to fabricate a product or don’t want to invest in components or tools, I believe the store is a nice convenient option. The store is essentially a service I provide, where I will gather raw materials, assemble, QC and package the product as intended by the original designer (me).

The easiest and most symbiotic thing you can do is use my designs and share them with others, and encourage them to contribute their own remixes or modifications using the same hardware.

Beyond the role of maker, if you find errors in my public documentation or want something added (like a missing DC power connector pinout), you can contact me. Chances are much more likely it’ll be added if you tell me not just what you want added or fixed, but actually do the legwork and provide said information so all I have to do is data entry.

The aforementioned open-source licenses I have chosen require both attribution and sharing under the same license. Therefore, you can sell a digital file I’ve created, but it’s unlikely anybody would purchase it because it’s already available to everyone per my license.

If you want to 3D print an item I have designed or assemble a product I’ve devised using one of my guides and sell a physical version of it, yes: Commercial use and sales are permissible under the aforementioned licenses.