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DC Power Cable (Customizable)


I make an assortment of different blacked-out DC power cables. You can choose your combination of connectors using the pictures below. If you aren’t sure which connector to choose for your device, please visit the DC Power page which provides connector details and example products for each connector/polarity combo.

Includes one pre-terminated DC power cable. See something you want customized that isn’t an option on this page? Contact me.

All of my products are open source! Here’s what you need to make this yourself:

Bill of Materials

  • Relevant power connectors (see gallery)
  • Cable stock of your choice (may be dictated by connector size)


  1. Cut cable to desired length.
  2. Add boots or bend reliefs as applicable.
  3. Tin solder cups (optional).
  4. Strip cable/wires as necessary (see OEM guides).
  5. Solder according to relevant pinouts.
  6. Assemble connector components.
  7. QC using multimeter.

To see what tools I use to make this item, please review my Workshop Setup.