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SDI Loom


This braided loom of SDI offers two to four individual channels. Each channel is RG6 12G cable stock. Each boot color will match its individual SDI’s braid color unless you request a special boot color on the checkout page.

If you’d like a custom braid color or length, please contact sales@sampetrov.lol for an order quote.

Includes one pre-terminated braided 12G SDI loom. See something you want customized that isn’t an option on this page? Contact me.

All of my products are open source! Here’s what you need to make this yourself:


  1. Cut Belden 4694F channels to desired length.
  2. Cut boots to allow wider girth cable.
  3. Load 3/4″ braid on pre-bundled channels.
  4. Load 3/8″ braid on cable stock, leaving about 1/2″ extra on each end.
  5. Use electrical tape to secure 3/8″ braid to each channel beneath 3/4″ braid.
  6. Load boot over braid.
  7. Pull back braid to leave exposed cable.
  8. Load RearTwist components onto end and crimp.
  9. Align braid on crimp collet with about 1/4″ gap between braid and BNC terminal.
  10. Add super glue to braid.
  11. Add about 1″ electrical tape at 3/8″ width around braid end, squishing super glue beneath it for reinforcement.
  12. Slide boot over adhesive section.
  13. Repeat steps 4-12 for end two. Instead of aligning pre-cut braid to collet, use a flush cutter to trim braid.
  14. Heat Shrink over the transition points of 3/4″ braid to 3/8″ braid (ends).
  15. QC loom channels using 12G instrument.

To see what tools I use to make this item, please review my Workshop Setup.