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2U SKB Studio Flyer Drawer4U SKB Studio Flyer Drawer

SKB Studio Flyer Drawer


This “drawer” fits into the four little cavities below the rack mounting rail on the SKB Flyer series. With the integrated magnets you can quickly access anything you place inside. When you’re traveling, space is at a premium, so these allow you to utilize every cubic inch at your disposal.

Compatibility: 1SKB-ISF2U, 1SKB-ISF4U

Includes the pictured product printed with TPU along with the magnetic backing plate (not pictured), embedded magnets and adhesive strip.

All of my products are open source! Here’s what you need to make this yourself:


Bill of Materials


  1. Download 3MF files.
  2. Print with whatever infill you like.
  3. Insert magnets into debossed circles, applying superglue to ensure they don’t dislodge during use.
  4. Attach adhesive to backing strip (which will permanently live inside Flyer).
  5. Use a hobby knife to cut adhesive on backing, using the 3D printed product as a stencil.
  6. Expose the adhesive and insert backing into Studio Flyer.
  7. Insert drawer and verify magnetic connection.

To see what tools and machines I use, take a look at my Workshop Setup.