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Stinger Stop Sign


Never get unplugged again! The original and iconic “plz don’t unplug me” symbol will help you stay juiced all day with no interruptions. Color choice dictates body color only, and text will always remain white.

Visual discrepancy note: Text and body will be flush; text will not be embossed or debossed.

Includes the pictured product printed with ABS-GF as a single dual-color print and two single-use zip ties.

All of my products are open source! Here’s what you need to make this yourself:


*This is a multicolor print, so you will need multiple extruders or a printer capable of intra-layer filament switching

Bill of Materials

  • Thermoplastic of your choice (two colors)
  • Two zip ties


  1. Download 3MF files.
  2. Combine body and text files to create a dual-color print.
  3. Optional: Rotate both files together if you want a clean, bed side finish on the text side of the product.
  4. Print with whatever infill you like.
  5. Insert zip ties through rear slots and attach product to stinger.

To see what tools and machines I use, take a look at my Workshop Setup.