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TeeHee (Camera Control Bridge)


TeeHee was the first wireless bridge built specifically for DIT’s. With a fully vanilla build of OpenWrt, integrated mounting points and comprehensive documentation for newcomers, it ushered in a new era for camera control. It remains the most robust made-for-set wireless bridge for camera control with its unique combination of open-source hardware and software that gives you endless configuration possibilities—for camera control and beyond. It can even be configured as an access point!


  • Gigabit RJ45 ports for wide compatibility with all major cinema cameras, including every body listed in the Camera Gallery

  • 30 second boot time; UPS variant offers zero-downtime camera control

  • 5-50V 2-Pin Lemo power input

  • Integrated threaded female mounting points: 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16, each with 45-degree anti-twist pin holes for eight discrete orientations

  • User-replaceable external antenna mounts (RP-SMA female)


  • CNC’d out of 6061 aluminum

  • Unit dimensions of 2.6 in x 2.6 in x 1.3 in / 67 mm x 67 mm x 33 mm for box only (sans antennas)

  • Weight of 231 g (no internal UPS) / 245 g (with internal UPS)

  • OS: OpenWrt (vanilla, pre-imaged and clone-able)

Purchase Includes

  • 1x pre-imaged TeeHee

  • 2x RP-SMA 2.5” orientable antennas (RP-SMA male)

  • 1x microSD card (for troubleshooting and OS upgrades)

  • Standard one year DOT LOL warranty


This product does not include any accessories beyond those listed above. I do offer power and data cables for sale separately.

Digital Downloads

*This is an external portal link from the OEM for SD card OS installation files. Please download and install at your own risk. Current tested firmware version on TeeHee is FriendlyWrt 22.03.3.


All of my products are open source—even TeeHee! Here’s what you need to make this yourself:

Bill of Materials (One unit per component unless otherwise specified)

Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove HDMI port from R5C
  2. Adhere vinyl to inner lid to prevent inadvertent metal-on-metal PCB contact
  3. Pre-solder all PCB’s together: 50mm for UPS>Pololu, 70mm for UPS to R5C, 100mm for Pololu to Lemo 0B
  4. Attach antenna pigtails to R5C wireless module
  5. Insert Light plastic 1 inside enclosure
  6. Insert R5C into enclosure; secure with screws
  7. Insert light plastic 2 inside enclosure
  8. Insert and tighten RP-SMA connectors to chassis
  9. Insert and tighten Lemo with the keyway as pictured, using the custom TPU washer to prevent loosening over time
  10. Solder wires to Lemo power input and add heat shrink
  11. Test electronics
  12. Mount lid PCB’s with screws
  13. Tighten chassis screws


Software Instructions

  • You can find the software instructions in the “digital downloads” section above.


At this time, I am not selling any “kits” to assemble TeeHee yourself, so you will have to source machined enclosures from your own vendor. Eventually I would like to design a 3D printed enclosure that is robust and reliable—but, ya know, only so much time. If you’re interested in voluntarily designing a 3D printed enclosure for this project and sharing it with the community, please contact me.

To see what tools I use to make this item, please review my Workshop Setup.